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What Is The Best Cargo Van To Buy?

22 February 2022

The best cargo van to buy on the market is a subjective decision. It all really depends on what you need from a work’s van. In this article, we take a look at the features associated with popular cargo vans typically used by professionals.

Cargo vans are often the backbone for small businesses. They are required to transport goods, store tools, and serve as a mobile workshop. Therefore, they need to be dependable and affordable. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, VW Transporter and Ford Transit Connect tick the boxes in this category,

When considering which cargo van is the best to buy for your business, check out the safety features. Small vans typically have superior safety features together with more agility. 

However, small vans may not offer the storage space some businesses need. Auto Express has compiled a list that discusses what is the best small cargo van.

Which Cargo Van Is The Best?

Your choice of cargo van essentially boils down to your business needs and user preference. Therefore, we are hesitant to name a specific brand. However, what we can provide is sound advice about how to choose the best cargo van for you. 

The best cargo vans on the market are designed with storage in mind. They are spacious. Having said that, they are not equipped with van racking ideas that enable you to make the best use of the space. 

If storage is a priority, the best cargo van to buy will be one that offers more height. You may prefer extended vans but bear in mind they are harder to manoeuvre around tight spaces. This can make parking trickier. And if you only have a small space to park or a narrow passageway to get down, you will experience more problems. 

Tall vans also give you more scope to install storage space. With custom racking, you will be able to load more goods, tools and supplies. This will mean your drivers make fewer trips and subsequently save on fuel costs and wear and tear. 

If running costs are important to you, pay attention to the payload, miles to the gallon and tax. Electric vehicles offer attractive tax benefits. However, with electric cars, you also have to consider the maximum distance you can cover and charge times. They are not ideal for making deliveries but are a cost-effective option for tradesmen making short trips.

For example, the average time to fully charge an electric cargo van from empty is between 2 hours and 12 hours. Using a 50kW rapid charger, you can add up to 100 miles of range in 35 minutes.

What Features To Look For In A Cargo Van

When you’re deciding what the best cargo van is to buy for your business, question whether it has features that will come in useful. For example, temperature control in the rear is ideal for florists and laboratories. 

The dimensions and size of the van is an important feature. If you need to transport long items such as plywood or piping, you will need a longer van. For businesses that carry heavy equipment, a bigger payload is more appropriate. You can make better use of the storage space in a cargo van by installing custom shelving

It’s worth noting that larger vans do not necessarily offer significantly bigger payloads over medium vans. They only give you more volume. A payload capacity of 4000lbs is the industry recommendation. If you’re towing a trailer, look at cargo vans with a payload of around 5000lbs. 

The best cargo vans on the market to buy are equipped with safety features including airbags, tie-ins to stabilise equipment, steering and stability controls, occupancy sensors and ABS brakes. 

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