What is a mobile workshop and how to make it efficient?

In this article you will find out what a mobile workshop is and how to make it efficient. We at Tecnolam take care of the setup of vans of all brands and we will be able to do for you.

We specify: a mobile workshop is a van set up in an efficient and well-structured way to make work easier and more practical.

What is a mobile workshop?

A mobile workshop is a reference point for businesses of any kind. Having a mobile workshop means being able to better organize your work. It is a way to keep your work tools in order and work with greater professionalism by acquiring more customers in the shortest possible time. The mobile workshop is a great solution for the job because it allows you to immediately go to the customer with the tools and take your workshop with you.

For which professions is it advisable to have a mobile workshop?

Transforming your van into a mobile workshop, making it more efficient and ready for work is simple. Simple because you can take advantage of the expertise of a company that has been dealing with it for 40 years and over: Tecnolam. So if you are a plumber, an electrician, a installer, a tiler and whatever your professional job is, you are in the right place! With Tecnolam you will not only discover that it is not a mobile workshop but also how to make it efficient.

Is it possible to completely customize your van to make it a mobile workshop?

Yes! It is possible because Tecnolam has thought for you and for your business. You will therefore be able to take advantage of all Tecnolam expertise to manage your mobile business.

In fact, you can set up your mobile workshop with standard set-ups: BASIC; COMFORT; LUXURY.

Otherwise, you can choose to completely customize the layout of your van, obtaining a perfect mobile workshop. Personalization is simple to achieve and there are a few crucial steps that will allow you to get the most out of it. Let’s find out together.

Steps to get a 100% customized mobile workshop

  • Contact Tecnolam communicating what you need in particular
  • Our staff will help you choose the perfect outfit for your van that is standard because it can be sufficient or 100% customized
  • In the case of a standard set-up, just order it and it will arrive within 72 hours
  • In the case of a customized set-up, you can immediately view our catalog
  • Choose what you need based on your work needs and the model and wheelbase of your van
  • Request a free 3D quote so you can see the final result right away
  • Place your order with our competent staff, also choosing all the additional Tecnolam accessories you need
  • After 72 hours you will receive your order
  • Assembly is simple but if you need, our staff will assist you throughout the assembly process and for any request

Everything you need, transforming your van into a mobile workshop

By choosing the maximum customization of your van in the mobile workshop, you get an outfit with all the trimmings. The upholstery of your van will be made so as not to cause damage during transport and above all a floor will be installed. The floor is very important as liquids could fall during transport and work.

It is possible to set up the two sides of the van, both the right and the left side. It is also easy to set up in the best way using Tecnolam shelving and cabinets but also containers and cases of various sizes.

Tecnolam’s difference is in having created each piece to make the worker’s life easier. In fact, there are, for example, drawers with transparent drawers or shelves where you can place transparent cases. This will allow you to insert all the small parts and not waste precious time.

What are the advantages of turning your van into a mobile workshop?

  1. 100% company reliability
  2. High quality of materials
  3. Maximum possibility to customize the setting
  4. Greater order and cleanliness
  5. Flexibility in ordering different modules
  6. Possibility to choose accessories designed specifically for your van
  7. Professionalism of our staff and help in choosing the best set-up based on the required characteristics
  8. Possibility of designing according to your working needs
  9. 36 month warranty
  10. Help with simple and practical assembly
  11. Customer service
  12. Excellent value for money

How to request a free 3D quote?

Requesting a free 3D quote is simple, fill out the form below and contact our staff. We will reply as soon as possible with the set-up designed specifically for you.

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