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VW Transporter Configurator For UK Businesses

20 November 2023

The VW Transporter has set industry standards for mid-size work vans in the UK. In the latest-generation, VW Transporter 6.1, you get a sleek design, impressive safety features and comfortable cabin provide you with creature comforts and peace of mind on the road.

Not only that, but Volkswagen offers a VW Transporter configurator which enables drivers to add design elements to the front and rear of your works van. The Volkswagen Transporter Configurator UK does a great job for drivers that want to add custom features.

However, configurations options are geared more towards campervan conversions. There are a few options for commercial vehicles, but the Volkswagen Transporter configurator UK has limited options for tradespeople that want to customise their mobile workshops. 

That’s not to say that driver’s of the VW Transporter do not have any options to convert your works van into a mobile workshop at all. On the contrary, there are plenty of options to transform your cabin and your load space. Our innovative ideas are designed to make your life easier and your days more enjoyable. 

If you’re fed up with rummaging around in the back of your VW Transporter for misplaced tools and materials, consider installing a racking system. The suggestions below will give you the inspiration to organise the back of your works van and create a good impression on your customers. 

What Makes the VW Transporter A Better Van For UK Businesses?

One of the main reasons UK tradesmen prefer the VW Transporter over other commercial vehicles is because of its flexibility. Boasting a load volume of up to 9.3m3 together with 5.0m2 of load space, and 2,975mm of load length, the Transporter 6.1 has plenty of room to work with. And the opportunities to install a mobile workshop that has everything you need are limitless. 

Regardless of what your job is, there is a solution to make the VW Transporter configurator better. For example, van racking options include drawers (with or without dividers), cabinets with removable metal suitcases, workbenches, underfloor storage and a host of van shelving ideas. 

You can also simplify loading and unloading options with a range of ramps or loading platforms. It’s also a sensible choice to eliminate the risk of ladders sliding off the roof of your work van by creating an interior storage system.

Mobile Workshop Configurations for VW Transporter

The Volkswagon Transporter configurator also gives you options to suit up the cabin of your mobile workshop. This comes in useful for filling in paperwork or working on a laptop.

If you use your cabin as a mobile office, the spacious interior gives you plenty of room for a drop-down table in the armrest. Alternatively, you can store a desk at the back of a fold-down seat. This will give you a surface to write out invoices and receipts.  

You could even install a secret storage unit in the rear of the seat. This comes in handy if you have expensive items you want to safeguard from theft. There are also other security options you can use to upgrade your van storage units such as security locks and hideaway storage facilities.

Foldaway plastic bins are also a popular idea with our customers. Most tradesmen have a habit of littering the cabin and the back of their van with wrappers and leftover pieces of material that do not get disposed of. 

UK tradesmen that take advantage of the VW Transporter Configurator to confirm they benefit from having a tidy and organised van. And whilst Volkswagon Transporter UK offers some great options to convert your van into a functional mobile workshop, our innovative designers have even more tricks up their sleeves. 

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