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What Are The Dimensions of the Volkswagen Crafter?

8 February 2023

The VW Crafter dimensions are designed to suit all types of businesses. The right size van for you largely depends on how you use the van. But whatever you need a cargo van for, Auto Express says the VW Crafter “should top the list” for businesses looking to invest in a medium or large cargo van. 

Ultimately, the dimensions of the VW Crafter are designed to transport heavier payloads. The latest VW Crafter is a workhorse that is capable of meeting the demands of modern businesses. Flexible and economical, the range of Crafter models is designed to maximise your business. 

You also get a choice of six customisable options available with the current model. VW Crafter dimensions come in three different models; a medium wheelbase (MWB), a large wheelbase (LWB) and the Maxi. The actual dimensions of the VW Crafter depend on the variants you choose. With three choices of height and three choices of length, there are six customisable options in total.  

Heights range from 2305mm to 3200mm. Widths range from 2033mm to 2100mm and lengths from 5968 to 7319mm. You can find a complete guide of VW Crafter Dimensions for the past six years.

VW Crafter dimensions

The dimension of the VW Crafter offers generous storage space or seating. And with a choice of three roof heights, businesses can maximise storage capacity with relative ease.

To make the best use of the Crafter’s height, we recommend installing a false van floor storage mounted by customised van racking. This enables you to utilise storage space in the roof of the van that would ordinarily go untouched. 

If parking in tight spaces is important to you, bear in the VW Crafter is a large van. To give you some idea, the shortest of the VW Crafter dimensions is the MWB measuring 5,986mm in length bumper to bumper. 

However, the benefit is that you get ample load space. The minimum bed length is 3,450mm. You can also maximise the load volume with a higher roof. The VW Crafter’s internal dimensions for a standard height are 1650mm, 1940mm for a high roof and 2140mm for a super high roof.

Load volumes are 14.4 cubic metres for standard roof height models, while super high roof models offer a load volume of 16.1 cubic metres. VW Crafter Maxi models with a super high roof raise the load volume to an impressive 18.4 cubic metres.

The Crafter also comes in front-wheel and rear-wheel drive. The latter has the advantage. Rear-wheel drives are capable of handling towing weights up to 3.5 tonnes. 

VW Crafter internal dimensions

The VW Crafter’s internal dimensions are some of the most impressive in the UK market. The current model was actually designed in conjunction with the Mercedes Sprinter. 

The internal dimensions for the MWB, low roof (H1) are 1650mm and 1940mm for the high roof (H2). If you are of average height, (178cm or 5″10′) you won’t be able to stand upright in the H1 but you can in a VW Crafter H2 and Maxi. 

The maximum load width for the Crafter is 1,832mm on all versions. This gives you 1,380mm between the rear wheel arches. MWB models offer enough space for four Euro pallets whilst the long model will comfortably carry six Euro pallets. 

The gross payload for the Crafter range from 986kg to 1369kg. It’s worth noting that Volkswagen includes 75kg in the payload figure to account for the driver. This may make the VW Crafter’s internal dimensions appear smaller than they actually are when comparing the payloads of other cargo vans that do not include this metric.

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