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Van shelving wich one choose?

16 June 2021

Are you thinking of equipping your vehicle with van shelving? You are in the right place. Equipping a van with shelving is a good way to improve your daily working condition. Do not underestimate the importance of equipment for vans inside because it can help you during working hours.

In fact, keeping the van tidy makes the difference because:

  • Allows you to find all your tools and all small tools
  • It helps you to keep everything in extreme cleanliness (especially in a period like this)
  • It allows you to keep everything safe and therefore not to risk breaking anything inside the van
  • You have a 36-month van shelving warranty if you buy them from Tecnolam

How to prefigure a van shelving equipment?

van shelvings with blue and gray removable cases, containers with non-slip mats
Van shelving wich one choose? 3

You can request bespoke van equipment and to prefigure what a van shelving would look like, you can request a free 3D plan.

The idea is to enrich your van in order to make it more functional and practical for your work. A van equipment must be of value, it must have a good margin of modifiability and above all it must be based on the needs of the company or private individual who requests it.

As you can see from the van models and brands that you will find on our site, the peculiarity is that any van can be furnished with shelving designed to improve working conditions. In fact, for example, the shelves are adaptable both to small vans but also to large vans.

For example, if you choose to furnish your van with shelving on the left side, you can choose to place a workbench at the bottom of the van and on the right side only the shelves or perhaps a wardrobe to leave more space in your compartment.

In addition, the van shelving also have practical wheel arch covers. Each shelving unit can support a separate furniture with features that you will choose yourself.

How are our van shelving made?

In general, the weight is low. There can be shelves of various heights, they can be stacked and with practical non-slip mats, perfect if you want to place objects that absolutely must not fall.

It is also possible to choose shelving shelves equipped with a closing door in order to avoid that, during transport, the tools come out and fall outside.

For those who want it, side-opening gutters are also available, ideal for example for transporting pipes and for all objects of a certain length.

Practical and different sized pull-out case shelves are also available. Latches placed on the side ensure that the suitcase is properly immobilized so do not worry, because Tecnolam focuses a lot on safety at work for both people and things. In fact, each of our products has brilliantly passed all crash tests.

Finally, there are the shelving shelves without dividers and edges in the case of different needs. These shelves are ideal for storing materials that take up a lot of space, boxes and so on. Choose the side on which to equip your van with shelving yourself.

You can choose the right side, the left side, both sides, your choice will be firm when you receive the tailor-made quote and you can finally see the result of the requested work yourself.

What are the various types of van shelving for all brands?

There are different types of shelving, you will in fact find shelving built with the best materials: sturdy and light.

We have steel and aluminum shelving for vans made with high-strength steel, once fixed you can benefit from every comfort you receive. We also have wooden shelving, an ultra-resistant material.

Each shelf is supplied with: ultra-light washable non-slip mat, perfect for preventing objects from falling and breaking or damaging the van floor. Each shelf is also equipped with aluminum dividers with plastic stops that can dampen all vibrations.

We use the best materials for our van shelving to allow you and your company to have the best comfort and the best potential We remind you that Tecnolam has created for those who already want an equipment kit, several kits designed with different prerogatives:

We remind you that Tecnolam has created for those who already want an equipment kit, several kits designed with different prerogatives:

Please note: each kit has a shelf and accessories inside

  • Basic Kit: for those who want a basic kit but with all the comforts designed to improve their working condition
  • Comfort Kit: for those who need something that can help them with their work every day and that helps keep their van tidy and clean
  • Luxury Kit: every precaution is designed to help the company or private individual who chooses it, shelving, briefcases, wheel arch covers, containers with rubber mats to avoid any falls.

Beyond the shelving you will choose, since we have a large catalog, you can get the most of our help through practical advice that you will find in our blog, especially in the following articles.

If you want to request a 3D quote fill out our form, we have shelving for any vehicle and for all brands. We are available to advise you on what best suits your profession.

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