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Comparing Van Dimensions for UK Commercial Vehicles

15 February 2022

Comparing van dimensions for UK commercial vehicles can save your business a lot of money. But with so many work vans on the market to choose from, making the right purchasing decision can be difficult.  

A good place to start when deciding which van to invest in, is comparing van dimensions. Knowing the size, load capacity and weight limits, you need helps you to narrow down your search. 

The size of a van is integral to the manoeuvrability and accessibility of your vehicle. If you will be driving in cities with narrow passageways or you typically carry large amounts of cargo, compare van dimensions for various commercial vehicles in the UK.

Other considerations should include purchase price, maintenance costs and availability of parts. 

Van Dimensions: Comparison for UK

Finding all this information from the multitude of work van brands is time-consuming. So we’ve put together a van dimensions UK comparison guide to help you create a shortlist. Typical van dimension comparisons in the UK are:

Small van dimensions 

Load Space

  • Length: 1.6m 
  • Width: 1.3m
  • Height: 1.2m


  • 500-1000 kg

Medium van dimensions 

Load Space

  • Length: 2.4m 
  • Width: 1.3m
  • Height: 1.5m


  • 900-1200 kg

Large van dimensions 

Load Space

  • Length: 3.3m 
  • Width: 1.4m
  • Height: 1.65m


  • 1200-1500 kg

What Size Van Dimensions Do You Need?

Every business has unique needs. Your business needs should be reflected in the size of your van. Before making a purchasing decision consider the following: 


The payload is the maximum weight a van can carry. The maximum load includes passengers. If the payload exceeds the maximum, you are potentially putting the driver, passengers and other road users at risk.

Exceeding a van’s payload is illegal and punishable with a fine of between £100-£300 or a court summons. 

Ease of access

Drivers that need to turn into narrow passageways to deliver goods or park the van can have problems if the dimension is too big. Bear in mind that you will need to open the door to get in and out. Also, note the size of a van is measured with the wing mirrors tucked in. 

The dimensions of a van also have an impact on the height a van. As you can see from the figure mentioned above, large van dimensions are also taller. This could impact drivers that regularly pass through areas with low lying bridges. 

Load Space

The amount of load space you have in the bank will determine how much cargo you are able to carry. This makes a significant impact on costs for courier businesses and tradesmen that carry a lot of tools and materials. 

Loadspace can be optimised by small storage van ideas and racking. If you want to know how you can maximize the dimensions of your mobile workshop, check out some of our van racking ideas. 

Cabin Size 

The size of the cabin can be a significant purchasing decision – especially if you need to accommodate a driver and two passengers. Larger vans obviously offer more space but maybe the only benefit you need.

How Do Van Dimensions Impact Business Costs?

Purchasing a van with the right dimensions can make a significant difference to your revenue. For example, a van’s with a good fuel economy means you spend less on petrol and diesel. 

For drivers that stick to the city limits, electric vans also lower fuel costs. You’re also entitled to an attractive tax break if you register your work’s van as a benefit-in-kind. 

Benefits of small van dimensions

Smaller vans are ideal for tradesmen or businesses that transport a small amount of cargo. They are also better equipped to navigate tight spaces. 

So if you work in quaint rural villages and cities that have narrow openings, small vans are more appropriate. Small vans are more economical to run. 

Benefits of medium-sized vans 

Medium-sized vans are the most popular choice because they are less expensive to run than large vans, but give you more space than small vans. It’s the middle ground. 

Most medium-sized vans are still compact enough to tick the accessibility and, for example, have a significantly larger payload for carrying more cargo thanks to van racking ideas for carpenters

Benefits of large van dimensions 

If you carry huge quantities of cargo, lengthy materials or heavy tools, the payload of a large van is better suited for your needs. However, large vans are more costly to run and could be more difficult to park so you will need to weigh up the pros and cons. 

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