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Why Install Van Body Panels Into Your Workshop?

16 December 2022

Most drivers wouldn’t consider installing new van body panels. However, refitting or maintaining your work’s vehicle or business fleet with van body panels offers several advantages.

First of all, the exterior appearance of your work van can influence how your customers view your business. Van body repair panels are a quick fix to remove dents and scratches. 

Replacing body panels for vans can also reduce the weight of your vehicle. Not only does this improve the fuel economy of your work van, but it could also potentially increase your payload. Installing a van racking system can also increase your payload. 

Whilst the majority of today’s cargo vans are manufactured from aluminium van body panels, they still have steel components. Not only is steel a heavy metal, but it’s also prone to rust so requires more maintenance. 

Taking the next step in the transformation of your mobile workshop requires knowing what van shelving options are available to you. The professional technicians at Tecnolam are here to assist so feel free to get in touch and we can advise you exactly what you need. 

In the meantime, read this article to get some ideas of how van body panels can improve your work’s van. 

The Best Materials for Van Body Panels

As Geoffrey Chaucer pointed out, “time waits for no man”. Everything that exists ages and decays over time. Van body parts, when left unchecked, are often the first part of a vehicle to be replaced. 

Within five years, a cargo van can look worn, ragged and unfashionable. But usually, it’s only the van body parts that are outdated. If you’ve kept up to date with vehicle maintenance, the rest of your work van should be in excellent working order. 

So rather than splashing out on a new van – and spending upwards of £25,000 – refitting van body panels is a cost-effective solution. A facelift is particularly favourable if you’re feeling the pinch of the recession. 

Refitting your van with new body panels can refresh the design of the exterior. But it’s also possible to replace heavy mechanical components as well. This will lighten the weight of your van and potentially increase your payload. 

The best body panels for vans are aluminium. It’s lightweight, robust and does not rust as quickly as other metals. Aluminium is also 100% recyclable so represents a sustainable option over steel. 

Glass fibre, carbon fibre or polyurethane are also good options if you’re looking to lighten the weight of your vehicle.

Van Body Repair Panels

If you or an employee have an accident in a work van, you must decide whether the van body panels need replacing or repairing. 

Sometimes replacing the panel will be faster and less expensive than repairing the damage. The decision to replace or repair usually comes down to the extent of the damage. But the van panel where the damage has been caused may also prompt a decision. 

For example, any damage to the front end of the car or the bonnet should be replaced rather than repaired. These panels protect your engine – which is the most essential part of a well-functioning vehicle. 

You also need to consider if there has been any damage caused to the structural integrity of your vehicle. Seeking professional advice can ensure you determine whether van body repair panels are the best option available to you. 

The professionals at Tecnolam use state-of-the-art technology to ensure a vehicle is road-safe. We also assess the existing set-up and advice you where van body panels can offer advantages. If you’re looking for van body panels in the UK, why not give our experts a call. 

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