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What To Consider When Fitting A Van Bike Rack

9 June 2022

Professionals who transport bikes everywhere they go naturally want to protect their equipment from theft or damage. The most obvious solution is to fit a van bike rack. However, the most obvious solution is not always the best solution – or even a possible one. 

Bike racks come in a variety of designs and budgets. So do bikes and vehicles. You, therefore, have to match a van bike rack with your vehicle and your bike. First and foremost, the van bike rack you install should be able to support the weight of your bike. 

It also needs to be able to fit snugly and conveniently onto your vehicle. For example, a rear-mounted bike rack is not suitable for vans with double doors. If you live in your van and interior bike rack may not be the best solution either. 

You should also consider how easy a bike rack for vans is to install. Is it practical for you to keep the bike rack permanently attached to your vehicle or do you only need it at weekends? 

The most important consideration, however, is how much security bike racks for vans offer you. If you do have to mount the bike on the exterior of your vehicle, what is the risk of it falling off or being stolen? 

What Type of Bike Racks Are Available?

Whether you ride a bike professionally, regularly or at weekends, building a bike rack into your van racking system enables you to utilise your work’s van for work and pleasure.

There are typical, three types of van bike racks; roof-mounted, rear-mounted or interior storage. 

Roof-mounted Bike Racks 

The most popular type of roof racks for vans are roof-mounted. They consist of crossbars which are attached to the roof of your van using nuts and bolts. The bikes are then attached to the rack using a locking mechanism. 

The benefit of roof-mounted bike racks for vans is that they maintain interior space. They are also not intrusive in ways that might impair your vision whilst driving. 

However, they are not a perfect solution in every case. Roof-mounted bike racks require you to remove either the front or rear wheel. If you also have a van with a tall roof, loading and unloading can be difficult. It’s often the case you will need to install a ladder on the side of your van in addition to fitting the bike rack. 

Boot-Mounted Racks 

Boot-mounted is the least popular among professionals. Although they offer more convenience – you don’t need to remove any wheels – they can impair vision on the road. 

However, the most troubling aspect of boot-mounted bike racks for vans is that bikes are fairly easy to steal from the back of your vehicle. If you’re carrying expensive equipment, these types of van bike racks are not a good idea. 

Tow-Bar Mounted Bike Racks 

Bike racks that fit the towbar present the same security issue as boot-mounted racks. In addition, they are not an ideal bike rack for vans with double doors. You won’t be able to get into the rear without removing the bikes first.

Customised Van Bike Rack Ideas

Customised van bike with the best van accessories may offer a great solution. If you have space on the interior side of your van, a slide-out bike storage solution is the best option. 

Slide our van bike racks that can be fitted to the sidewall so that your bikes don’t take up much room and do not intrude on your living space. The best option is arguably to install a false floor with pull out drawers that house your bikes. 

We trust you have found these van bike rack ideas useful information. Now you should have a better idea of the type of van bike rack that will best suit your needs and protect your assets. 

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