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Define Your Brand With A Van Advertising Design

16 December 2021

An eye-catching van advertising design that sticks in the mind helps to boost a business. Marketing your business on the side of your work van is a guaranteed and cost-effective strategy to raise awareness of your business and services.  

Branding is a fundamental marketing strategy for any business. And it’s a common misconception that branding is reserved for Fortune 100 companies. Every business needs a brand your customers can identify with. The design on your van should also reflect the perception you want to give people about your brand. 

The fact of the matter is that at some point, everybody needs a plumber, electrician, gas engineer, carpenter or other tradesmen that owns a commercial van. Consumer psychologists say the more consumers see a brand name, it increases memory recall

In other words, you will be the first person that springs to mind when someone needs a specialist service. A professional van advertising design also builds credibility and deters would-be thieves from stealing your works van.

Why Invest In A Van Advertising Design

To grow your business, you need to raise consumer awareness, generate leads, and position your brand in the minds of prospects. A conspicuous van advertising design positions your brand name in front of thousands of people every day. 

Whilst brand advertising on your works van has several benefits if you don’t the design right, or you overdo it, your brand name can become a local nuisance. For example, you should avoid branding your toolkit or van false floor storage etc. Don’t get in people’s faces otherwise, it puts them off. 

The best van advertising designs transform your mobile workshop in a positive way. A ‘full wrap’ which mentions your brand on both sides of the van and the rear doors gives you the most exposure without going overboard. A brand message along the side is a nice touch, together with your logo and contact details. 

The goal of a van advertising design is to create confidence and trust. You want to be able to connect with your customers by delivering a powerful message. With so many “cowboys kicking around, trust in tradesmen is a problem for genuine professionals. Engaging van designs help to make your business credible and attract leads. 

Van Advertising Design Is A Cost-Effective Investment

Every business owner knows that marketing can be expensive. Oftentimes, you are not guaranteed to get any return on your investment. To reach a large audience you normally have to advertise on TV, radio, newspaper, magazines or advertising boards. 

Of these, research published by 3M reveals that radio was the most cost-effective marketing channel. For every 1000 impressions, the cost was $7.75. The same study reveals that the cost per 1000 impressions from fleet graphics was $0.48. Way cheaper. 

Today’s consumers want easy access to products and services they need. Google is generally the starting point. But when you use a search engine to find whatever you need, you are confronted with an overwhelming choice. This is confusing for people. Moreover, they don’t know who to trust. 

Van advertising, on the other hand, reaches local customers and help guide them towards a purchasing decision they can have confidence in. If you also have a website or social media page that appears on page one of search results, customers looking for your service are more likely to book your services because they recognise your brand name. 

We know from this from first-hand experience. Local customers that contact us about van racking tell us they saw our van and then saw us in Google. So, yes, we recommend getting a van advertising design to boost your business. 

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