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How To Transform Your Van Into A Mobile Workshop

20 December 2022

Are you looking for a solution that will enable you to increase your profits and work fewer hours? If so, you should consider a transformer van. A mobile workshop can save you a lot of time, money and energy.

A van transformation enables you to work more efficiently. By simply installing a custom-built racking and storage van shelving system, you have all the tools you need with you. And with a mobile workshop, you can work on-site rather than having to make several journeys. 

Not only that, but a racking system provides a space for all your tools and equipment. That means you know where everything is and you have easy access to it. A van transformation prevent you from wasting hours searching for tools and equipment. 

Transforming your van into a mobile workshop also protects your tools and the interior of your van. When tools and equipment are loose they slide about. This can scratch your paintwork and damage your tools. 

We also feel that having an organised workspace helps us to work more efficiently and effectively. As the cliche goes, cluttered space, cluttered mind. Therefore, an organised space is equal to an organised mind.

So what do you need to transform your van into a mobile workshop?

What do you need for a van transformation?

How you design your transformer van will largely depend on the nature of your work. But also, how you prefer to work. For example, if you are a carpenter building a foldaway workbench will be beneficial. 

But where do you put it? Inside the van (if you have a large roof) or will it pull out the van so you have more space to work in? However, in almost every van transformation, a mobile workshop should include:

  • Power point.
  • Effective lighting.
  • Storage system. 

Some people may prefer to fit solar panels on their vans. But the most reliable source of electricity in a transformer van is to install a small power generator. 

LED lighting is useful for working in poor visibility. Most commercial vans do not have side windows to not receive much light. They are also pretty easy to install and can be connected to different switches – so you can install strategic lighting. 

Shelves and drawers are ideal for stowing tools and accessories. You can even include partitions in the drawers. For an efficient way of working, keep your nuts with your nuts and your bolts with your bolts. 

You may also want to consider non-slip mats. Even if you don’t work with water or various solutions which could cause a spill, it’s easy to slip on a metal surface if your shoes are wet underfoot. Non-slip mats improve the safety of loading and unloading in wet weather. 

Van Transformation: False Floor

Installing a false floor in a transformer van gives you the advantage of storing bulky or expensive items. But the other benefit of a van false floor drawers is that it increases the storage capacity in the back of your van. 

With a higher floor, you use more space in the roof that typically goes untouched. False floors are ideal for storing long items such as pipes or planks of wood that don’t fit comfortably in a racking system. 

You can also install pull-out drawers for easy access. With Tecnolam, a typical false floor kit in a transformer van includes:

  • Water-resistant plywood panels.
  • Durable non-slip hatch surface to prevent from becoming slippy.
  • Heavy-duty adhesive to ensure the floor is held securely.
  • Divider panel.
  • Silicone layer to protect the edges. 

If you want to improve your profitability, what kind of van transformation do you need for a mobile workshop? Why not call the experts at Tecnolam to find out?

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