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The Best Toyota Van Models for UK Tradespeople

17 January 2023

Toyota has a dedicated range of professional vans purpose-built for tradespeople and businesses. Reliable, durable and flexible, Toyota van models are an asset to any business that relies on a vehicle to reach customers. 

Toyota vans are widely recognised amongst businesses and Tradespeople throughout the UK. Utilitarian vehicles are ideal for professionals that carry work tools or deliver heavy goods to their customers. 

But equally, Toyota has a selection of light commercial vehicles. The smaller Toyota van models serve as delivery vans, town runarounds or storage for professionals with modest tool sets. 

Small Toyota Van Models UK

The Japanese automotive behemoth is so confident in their professional vehicles are dependable, all Toyota van models come with a 3-year manufacturer. In addition, their commercial vans qualify for 5-year roadside assistance at no extra charge. 

Toyota Land Cruiser 

For all intents and purposes, the Toyota Land Cruiser is an SUV. Although recognised for its comfort and luxury, it’s also an ideal option for businesses that want to add a light commercial vehicle to their fleet. 

The storage space offers a payload of up to 756 kg and you can tow trailers up to three tonnes. The rear load space is also fitted with a hard wearing non-slip floor tray and the bulkhead is fitted with a hatch for easy access. 

Toyota Corolla Commercial 

The Toyota Corolla was a one-time favourite for boy racers. In recent years, the Corolla has matured into a commercial vehicle – toured as the first “full-hybrid” van in the UK. 

The rear seats in the Toyota vans new model have been removed to offer a spacious load area which gives 1.3 cubic metres of space. The hard-wearing load space can also be extended by installing sophisticated van shelving ideas

In addition, the new model is fitted with self-charging technology. This gives business users the advantage of owning a low-emission vehicle with excellent fuel efficiency. 

Toyota Proace and Hi-Ace Panel Vans

The Toyota Proace is a medium-sized van which comes in a range of models. The latest model in the Proace City, and the recent Proace Electric features in multiple best electric commercial van lists. The Proace has also been awarded back-to-back accolades at the Medium Van of the Year at Company Car & Van Awards.

Of all the Toyota van models, the electric is designed to deliver the best fuel economy. Having said that, the advanced diesel engine is also fuel efficient and a better option for driving long distances than the electric vehicle. 

The Proace boasts a reasonable load volume of up to 6.6m3 and offers a payload of 1.4 tonnes. A van racking system may be required to make the load space more efficient – particularly as the roof space typically goes unused. 

Hi-Ace Panel Vans

The Hi-Ace panel van may not boast the most eye-catching design, but it is rugged and dependable. Moreover, it’s one of the most affordable Toyota van models on the UK market. You can pick up a second-hand Hi-Ace for under £5000. 

So what’s made the Hi-Ace a firm favourite for 56 years? The height. Measuring a little under 2000mm (6’6”), users can easily stand up in the rear making it easy to load and unload cargo. The Toyota HiAce Commuter van is also a favourite for businesses that run a passenger service.

If you’re looking for convenience and low cost the Hi-Ace does the job. But the rear loading space is also pretty decent as well. The rear offers a 1095kg payload and a towing capacity of 1,500kg with a braked trailer. So…which Toyota van models work best for your business? 

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