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Organise Your Work Life With Total Van Solutions

5 November 2021

Tecnolam understands that tradespeople want to be more productive. It’s often the case that the biggest handicap to wasted hours is a disorganised mobile workshop. How many hours a week do you waste searching for tools, parts and equipment? 

Having a dedicated space for your work essentials makes it easier for you to find the tools you need to get the job done. And that means you also get the job done in good time! More productivity means more income. 

Mobile workshops are becoming increasingly popular among tradesmen in the UK. Whether you prefer modular racking or a customised system that delivers a total van solution, organising the rear of your work van brings numerous benefits.

Our van racking systems deliver total van solutions. We take into account the amount of space you have available and utilise height to optimise storage space. With a wide range of supplies available, van racking solutions protect your equipment from damage and enables you to efficiently keep track of which parts need restocking. 

Total Van Solution Accessories

Tradesmen use their vans differently; from trade to trade and even individuals. Everybody has their own preferences. Whilst we’re a huge fan of modular van racking systems, we must admit nothing can beat a custom-built system that gives you a total van solution. 

The secret to effective storage systems largely boils down to van racking accessories. Drawers, floors, shelves and cabinets are standard systems for mobile workshops. But it’s the accessories that come with them that enable you to work smarter, faster and more efficiently. 

Van storage accessories are diverse. For example, at Technolam, we supply and install a lengthy list of resources that are designed to help you organise your van for maximum efficiency. Our total van solutions include: 

  • Removable plastic containers 
  • Dividers 
  • Extendable gutter
  • Interior lining
  • Drawer units with tilting drawers
  • Tilting vice holders 
  • Paper roll holders
  • Cartlidge holders
  • Soap dispenser 
  • Cans with water tap
  • Lashing straps
  • Side tool board 

Total Van Solutions for Plumbers

Plumbers typically suffer from messy vans. Moreover, the more time that passes, the more disorganised and disruptive the van becomes. Part of the problem is that plumbers are often too busy to address the issue. 

The quick-fix solution is to install a van racking system in the rear of your mobile workshop. A well-calibrated storage system helps you to be more organised and keeps your load space clear. 

Our total van solutions go beyond organisation. At Tecnolam, we appreciate the economic value of expensive tools. That’s why we recommend installing safety features that protect your tools from getting damaged. Or from damaging other equipment. 

There’s also a question of security. In the last year, police departments in numerous counties across the UK have reported an increase in van crime. Mobile workshops are being targeted by thieves on the hunt for expensive tools they can sell on.

We’ve covered total van solutions for plumbers in more depth in a previous article. If you’re a plumber, we recommend checking out our recommended van racking ideas for plumbers.

If you are thinking about getting a mobile workshop refit, consider the following ideas:

  • Install storage space that enables you to store larger items at the bottom. A false floor is a creative solution!
  • Store the tools and equipment you use every day towards the front of your load area where you can access them easily. 
  • Keep the parts you use regularly near the door and at a convenient height.
  • Keep health and safety in mind.

Do you have total van solutions you want to share with us? Why not get in touch and let us know.

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