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Installing and Organising Tool Drawers For Vans

8 November 2022

Searching for mislaid tools is frustrating. Rummaging around in the back of your mobile workshop also means you are both less productive and profitable. But you can eliminate all these typical struggles by installing tool drawers in the rear of your van.

Tradesmen that do not have a racking system in their workshops, typically complain about not being able to find the tools they need. Especially when you haven’t used a certain tool for a while. How do you remember where it is? 

A toolbox with drawers also enables you to secure your tools securely. With the number of tool thefts in the UK reaching record highs, secure storage should be a priority for professionals. 

Van storage systems give you a number of options. In this article, we intend to create a picture that helps you to recognise the value of tool drawers. If you have a creative imagination, you will probably be able to visualise how a storage toolbox will fit in your work van. 

Tool Drawers Storage Options

If security is your principal objective, tool drawers for vans are the ideal solution. The alternative is to install open shelving to house a toolbox with drawers. This is the least expensive installation option. 

However, unless you secure the toolbox, you could lose a lot of tools if they are stolen. Which would then make this option much more expensive. Open shelving also uses space less efficiently. 

Tool drawers for vans can be installed on runners and secured with a lock and key. All you need to do is decide which material to use; aluminium, steel or wood. The choice of material largely depends on your budget and your payload. 

Aluminium is more expensive, but steel and wood are heavier. So consider whether you have heavy materials and/or cargo that could tip your payload over the edge. There’s no reason why you can’t use a combination of all three. 

For example, if you want to install a workbench that slides in between the tool drawers, a wooden surface is better. But you will need collapsable steel legs that can support your weight whilst you work. 

And on the subject of weight, distributing the weight in the back of your van is important. If the weight is off-balance it will impair your driving experience. Weight should be distributed evenly so consider this when you are designing the layout of your storage system. 

Tool drawers, of course, can be fitted in an assortment of sizes. You can also put dividers and trays in them to make the most of the space and keep your smaller items (screws, nuts, amps, screwdrivers, etc) in separate containers. 

False Floor Tool Box With Drawers 

Having your tools stolen is a nightmare scenario for tradesmen. Especially your most expensive or most treasured tools. A sophisticated option to improve van tool storage ideas is to install van false floor drawers or hidden compartment. 

False floors have a number of benefits. First and foremost, they provide a secure storage facility for expensive bulky equipment. When you pull the drawers out, you have easy access to your tools – which makes loading and unloading easier. 

Secondly, underfloor drawers raise the height of the surface floor in the back of your van. This means you use more space near the roof and get more out of your works van by making the storage capacity more efficient. 

Another option is to install a hidden chamber in the van floor which cannot be detected unless you know it’s there. For maximum security, secret tool drawers enable you to stow your tools away where they cannot be seen or readily accessed by would-be criminals.

Do you have a vision for how you would like your tool drawers for vans to look and function? 

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