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Van equipment certified quality

Give value to your company, choose our equipment for vans. Over the years our company has achieved credibility and professionalism, such as to have acquired all the necessary certifications.

Certifications to protect the safety of the components, for a perfect preparation of vans and commercial vehicles

1. GS CERTIFICATION (Geprüfte Sicherheit) obtained thanks to crash tests according to the ECE R17 standard on interior fittings with vans equipped with our Tecnolam modules. The GS certification mark is very important for certifications on all equipment. So presence indicates European compliance and safety requirements.

2. GS CERTIFICATION on the mode of transport for the roof, it was requested after subjecting a lot of stress on luggage racks and shelves aimed at keeping luggage for Tecnolam vans and commercial vehicles.

How have the tests on our van fittings in Europe been?

Crash Test Performed On All Equipment

Our tests were carried out in order to verify the safety of our equipment. Our vans were loaded with 135 kg with Tecnolam furniture and accessories and with 300 kg of load as regards equipment and tools. The classic movements made by a professional such as an electrician, a plumber, an installer with the van at medium speed even in the accident phase have been reproduced to verify its effects.
So it was found that the structures had deformation problems but without acting as a danger to passengers.
In this way it has been shown that the Tecnolam fitting structures and furniture are safe for transport.

The ease of assembly and disassembly is really found on the first purchase. Requesting a quote is really simple.

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Braking test, luggage traction and torsion

All the tests required by the law were carried out by Tecnolam. Specifically: stress test with a lift of more than 10 minutes with a force of 255 kg; front and side traction test with various force applications up to 800 kg and a braking test 80km / h.

The results of our tests have been of great value so much so that we are leaders in the car fitting sector. There were no deformations or sagging of the structures or on the vehicles.

How to request a free 3D quote?

It is simple, fill out the form below and we will reply in a short time with a totally free 3D quote. Tecnolam takes care of you and your company, we also work on corporate fleets with our best outfits.