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Why A Step Ladder Rack For Vans Makes Sense

28 December 2022

It’s not unusual to see multiple work vans drive past with a step ladder secured to the roof. However, sometimes the ladders are not secured efficiently. And that can cause dramatic events. 

Just last month, a ladder fell from the roof of a van and smashed through the window of a school bus carrying more than 60 children. Fortunately, none of the children was hurt. But some incidents involving flying ladders cause horrific accidents. 

Step ladder holders for vans are widely available, but as we read about in the news, they’re not always safe. That can be for one of two reasons. The step ladder rack for vans is not effective, and the step ladders were not secured properly. 

Whilst some tradesmen prefer roof-mounted ladder racks, an interior step ladder rack for vans is the safer option. External mounts can also reduce your fuel economy due to wind resistance and the weather can mean your ladders rust more quickly. 

The rear of a standard commercial van is typically big enough to secure four or five A-frame ladders. This is ideal for window cleaners and painters that need a variety of different-sized ladders. 

However, if you’re only carrying one step ladder, the roof seems an obvious choice. Even with a racking system, step ladders are an awkward size to stall on a hook or shelf. But there are plenty of options to store step and van ladder storage ideas

Safe Step Ladder Holder For Vans

The principal purpose of a ladder rack is to load and unload your ladders effortlessly. However, safety should be a priority in your decision-making. When purchasing a step ladder holder for your van, make sure it has effective safety features. 

Gas spring clamps are ideal for securing ladders tightly. The pinch handles make the clamps easy to use for loading and unloading step ladders. But they also provide sufficient force to keep ladders fastened to the roof or wall of your van. 

If you use a variety of ladders, adjustable brackets are ideal. They make it possible to adjust the size of the storage space and attach clamps where you need them. You may also want to consider rubber-coated cradle clamps to prevent damage and the annoying clink of metal against metal. 

When ladders are installed properly, there won’t be any notable movement. Even if you’re travelling at motorway speeds, effective step ladder storage for vans will remain secure. 

Maintaining Step Ladder Storage For Vans

When ladders are stored loosely in the back of a van, they tend to slip and slide about. As a result, both your ladders and the inside of your van acquire scratches.

There’s also an increased risk of damaging other tools and materials stored alongside your ladders. This is easily avoided by installing a step ladder rack for vans. 

As mentioned above, interior step ladder storage is safer. It’s also better for maintaining the shelf life of your ladders because the wet UK weather can erode metal and cause rust. 

You could also fit van false floor drawers and strap your ladders underneath your racking system. False floors are the best solution for cargo vans that have an irregular build along the roof which makes attaching a step ladder holder for vans an awkward operation. 

However, if it is possible to attach step ladder storage to the roof of your van, also fit a strut with a sliding mount. This makes unloading and offloading easier and safer. It’s less pressure on your lower back. If you do install sliding mounts, keep them well lubricated to keep the runs smooth. 

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