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Which Shelf Dividers Are Best For Your Work Van?

26 December 2021

One of the main reasons for installing a storage system in your van, such as shelf dividers, is to organise your mobile workshop in a way that provides easy access to your work tools. Storage solutions offer more convenience because they enable you to locate the things you need quickly. 

The best storage modules combine, shelves, drawers and cabinets. With an effective storage system, all your tools, equipment and materials have a dedicated space. As a result of this improved efficiency, you spend less time looking for tools in a disorganisedc mess and ramp up productivity. The knock-on effect is you improve your income. 

The right storage solutions also prevent tools from crashing around in the back of the van. Not only do loose tools crashing around make an awful noise, but they scratch your van interior. Worse still, expensive equipment and materials can be broken. 

Shelf dividers and customised compartments, offer a solution that eliminates the risk of damage. They also give you the option to maximise your storage options, especially if you have a large number of small items i.e. nuts and bolts.  

That said, you still need to know how to install an effective storage system. In this article, we give you some tips and work van shelving ideas to get you started. 

Making Shelf Dividers for your Professional Work Van

The type of shelf dividers you install in your mobile workshop should be determined by the components of your storage system. For example, lockable drawers are a good option for storing loose materials and preventing the drawers from falling out of the cabinet. 

Once you know what your storage system will comprise, you can work on designing the shelf dividers. This is how to build shelves in a work van

  1. Measure the dimension of your shelves, cabinets and drawers.
  2. Determine how you want your tools to be laid out. List all your tools and determine which equipment you use most regularly – and therefore, want quicker access to. 
  3. If your job entails using a variety of tools or materials, lay them out in order of use. Position your most used tools closest to the door. If you access your mobile workstation from the rear, you may want to consider corner shelving. Sidings provide more spaces for materials you are intending to use on a job-by-job basis. 
  4. Optionally install underfloor drawers on the floor or up at the ceiling. This type of shelving maximises space for larger items while keeping your tools organized.

Materials For Van Shelf Dividers 

Ordinarily, your van shelf dividers will match the material of your storage system. That doesn’t have to be the case. There is no harm in mixing and matching materials. The important thing is that the material you use is fit for your purpose and the best option for your circumstances. 

For example, if you want to ease up on cost, wood is a cheaper material than metal. If weight is a concern, aluminium is a better option but is more expensive than steel. 

Steel is a popular choice for shelving because it’s more cost-effective than aluminium, and more robust than wood. But do you need steel dividers? Not really. However, steel is a better option for tradesmen that carry heavy-duty equipment.

Metal dividers are also easier to install than wood dividers because they can be simply welded into place. Having said that, if you do not know how to weld, installing shelf dividers yourself will be problematic and wood will be easier. 

Alternatively, speak with professionals that specialise in van racking. We are here at Tecnolam to listen your special needs. 

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