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Van Storage Ideas For Professional Power Tools

8 September 2022

Designing a thoughtful power tool storage system for your work van can help you to increase efficiency, productivity and revenue. Moreover, a tidy and organised van projects a professional image which builds trust and confidence with your customers. 

A storage system enables you to anchor your power tools. First and foremost, this prevents your most expensive equipment from becoming damaged by sliding around the back of the van, as well as damaging some of your other equipment. 

A power tool storage system also enables you to optimise your load space. If you can transport everything you need for a job in one trip, you save on time and fuel costs. 

As a result, van storage systems for getting are economically beneficial and give you, for example, extra van ladder storage

Besides, they keep your power tools in good working order, so you don’t have to repair or replace them. With the right storage units, you can also provide more security for your most expensive equipment. 

After all, it doesn’t make good business sense to invest in a works van to accommodate your power tools but neglect to arrange them in a meaningful way.

There are various styles of van storage, you can fit into your van. The system largely depends on the type of power tools you have and how you prefer to work. 

For example, vertical modular tool storage is ideal if you intend to convert your work van into a mobile workshop. You can store the tools at varying heights that are easy to reach. 

However, if you want to heighten security, power tool storage boxes or false floors are the smarter options. 

Power Tool Storage Boxes 

Most UK professionals will be satisfied with plastic or metal boxes as a power tool storage system. Power tool storage boxes are stackable, moveable and waterproof. This gives you more flexibility than a modular tool storage system. 

If you opt for transparent storage boxes, it’s easier to identify the tool you’re looking for at a glance. This means you don’t have to systematically load and unload tools in a precise order to know exactly where they are. Likewise, you won’t waste time looking in boxes for the tool you need.

Power tools storage boxes also enable you to arrange the back of your van more easily. The standard plastic boxes that power tools come in are generally bulky. The uneven shape makes them difficult to load.

Furthermore, unless you anchor them down with elastic bungee chord straps, the boxes slide around in the back of your van and could cause damage. 

False Floors For Power Tool Storage

False floor van storage is perfect for creating power tool storage space and increasing the load capacity of your work van. Despite the generous load space in the back of cargo vans, most tradesmen don’t maximise the space. The top half of the van goes underutilised. 

When you install false floors, you raise the entire floor in the rear of your van. Subsequently, power tool storage systems are built right up to the roof. But that’s not the only benefit of false floors. 

You can safely stow bulky equipment or boxes for power tools under a false floor. Adding a lock also means your most valuable items are kept safe from opportunistic thieves. 

If you do intend to install a false floor, consider the type of material to use. Wood, steel and aluminium are the options, but you need to consider your payload. 

What size van do you have and what weight are you already carrying? Aluminium or thin steel is the best option to keep the weight down. Metal is also easier to install, because the sheets are more flexible than rigid pieces of wood. 

If you want your work van to be more accessible, tidy, organised and secure, a power tool storage system is the smart choice. 

Whether you prefer a modular tool storage system or power tool storage boxes depends on your budget and your needs. Feel free to call and ask our experts!

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