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Benefits of a Modular Van Racking For Your Business

4 March 2022

Converting your empty van into an efficient mobile workshop with a modular van racking system gives you more flexibility. The bottom line is that modular racking enables you to be more productive – which increases your earning potential. 

And because modular racking systems are more cost-effective than customised shelving solutions, they can be installed quicker. They also save you time coming up with racking ideas and organising the layout. 

Having said that, you can still customise the layout of your modular racking. To take full advantage of the benefits, think of functionality and the best type of material to use; steel, wood or aluminium. The best modular van racking systems should enhance your workflow. For example, if your van has a side door, you can install a shelf that gives you easy access to your everyday tools. 

You can also label drawers so you and your colleagues can easily find everything. This is an ideal system for tradesmen that work with apprentices or as part of a team. 

Modular Van Racking Systems You Can Rely On

Although modular van racking has multiple benefits, it can also be dangerous if they are not installed correctly. Therefore, the type of materials you choose becomes important, and aluminium systems are the perfect solution to rely on. Reasons are: 

  • More cost-effective. Lightweight racking such as aluminium lasts longer, but also protects your payload. Some businesses have found that installing a modular van racking system is more cost-effective than buying a bigger van.
  • Less fuel. With the right van shelving ideas in place, made-to-measure modular van racking will lower the risk of exceeding your payload. In addition, you will manage your fuel consumption better. Using less fuel is not only beneficial to your budget, but also to the environment. 
  • Safe organisation. The biggest benefit of installing a customised modular van racking system, is that it keeps your van organised. Everything has a place. And that means that everything is safe. 

Furthermore, when tools and materials are thrown into the back of the van without being secured, they are prone to roll around. This will scratch the floor of your van, put dents in the side and could damage expensive equipment. 

Whether you install drawers, adjustable shelves or false floors, modular van racking ensure your tools and equipment will not be broken. You can even install secret compartments and anti-theft locks to prevent thieves from stealing expensive items.

Modular Van Racking With The Future in Mind

The beauty of modular van racking is that it’s easy to install and uninstall. They are also robust and durable, so can easily be upgraded or reconfigured in the future to suit your needs. 

Future-proofing your van also means your mobile workshop won’t use sell-on value. And because modular racking is not intrusive, it can actually help you sell the vehicle quickly. Modular van racking has a visual appeal as well as enhanced functionality. 

What’s more, an organised van projects a professional appearance. Surveys reveal that maintaining a professional appearance is good for business. A tidy works van evokes confidence in your customers because you appear organised and “with it”. 

When a tradesman rocks up in a van that has tools and equipment thrown in the back, people question whether you’re reliable. If you don’t care about your own equipment, they worry that you may not care about there’s either.

Whilst a minor benefit, projecting a professional appearance does have advantages of securing future work. And you know how important word of mouth referrals are! Make a good first impression and you’re more likely to keep your customers in your good books – and on your books. 

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