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Customised Racking Ideas For Transporting Metal Storage Boxes

7 October 2022

Metal storage trunks are one of the best solutions for transporting goods and storing equipment safely. Subsequently, metal trunks storage has become popular with tradesmen and couriers in the transportation industry.

Storage boxes are also a cost-effective way to store and organise your mobile van. However, unless metal storage trunks are loaded and secured properly, they can be damaged. There is also the risk of damaging the contents in the box or other equipment in your van. 

Transporting metal storage boxes can be a challenge. The good news is that damage can easily be averted by installing the right racking system. In this article, we discuss several van racking ideas and strategies that help to protect large and small metal storage trunks. 

Shelving For Metal Storage Trunk Sets

Metal storage trunks are great for storing goods, but they are not as easy to store themselves. If you are simply stacking them in the back of your van, you run the risk of causing damage. 

A simple solution is to install customised van shelving that accommodates your boxes. Because you can get different-sized boxes, modular shelving may not be the best option.

A customised shelving solution also gives you the option to design adjustable shelving that can be made to measure at will. This is the easiest way to transport large and small metal storage trunks.

Van shelving also has several other benefits:

  • Help you to organise your van and make it easier to find whatever you’re looking for.
  • Work van shelving ideas can make you more productive and profitable.  
  • If you have a metal storage trunk set, customised shelving also enables you to organise your van.

This can make it easier and more convenient to find items. For example, if you have a set way of working, you can store the items you want first at the front of the van so they are also packed away first. Or vice versa, whatever suits your needs. 

Loading and Unloading Metal Storage Trunks

Metal storage trunks come in various sizes, but will comfortably fit into an organised van. Complications arise when you need to load and unload heavy boxes. 

To avoid damage to contents or people, a pulley system improves the safety of loading and unloading metal storage trunks. This is easily achieved by attaching secure hooks to the underside of the van roof and fixing lifting straps. 

Lifting straps take all the weight of the box, so that you don’t have to load large metal storage trunks by hand. This will save taking excess pressure on your back which can cause strains that keep you out of work. And in a lot of pain. 

To enhance the pulley system, you could also install a roller floor system. This helps you to load and unload heavy metal storage trunks at the front end of the van (and with minimal effort). 

Roller systems are basically strips of metal that are secured to the floor of your van. The strips of metal are fitted with wheel runners that metal storage boxes will easily slide across.

You can also take the roller system one step further by installing a stair roller. This will mean the metal storage trunks are loaded and unloaded into your van on an incline. 

This can benefit couriers that are carrying heavy loads. For example, the standard pulley system mentioned above, requires you to lift the metal boxes directly upwards from the floor and manoeuvre them into the back of the van. 

A stair roller means you only have to pull the ropes. The metal storage trunks are then loaded and unloaded in one smooth movement from front to back and vice versa. 

Storing metal trunks safely can be extremely useful to van drivers. They do not have loading docks or straps in the back of the van.

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