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Parts And Differents Types of Ladder Rack For Vans

25 May 2022

Practically every tradesperson carries ladders. Yet remarkably, very few commercial vehicles designed for business use are fitted with van ladder rack parts. 

Furthermore, not all van owners have sufficient space in the cargo area to store ladders. This may be because you already have a storage system built-in, or your ladders are too long to fit in the interior space. 

Ladder racks for vans can help to improve your mobile workshop by freeing up valuable cargo space and ensuring that your ladders are secure. We’re sure you will have read the horror stories about ladders falling off van roofs. 

Installing a ladder prevents your ladders from moving around in the back of your van. This can prevent accidental damage being caused to other materials. 

With the right van ladder rack parts, you can secure ladders to the roof of the vehicle. Or alternatively, install a van ceiling ladder to avoid your ladders being stolen when you’re not using them. 

Adjustable or sliding ladder parts also make it easier for you to load and unload your van. These time saving devices, therefore, make you more efficient, productive and profitable. 

Types of External Ladder Racks for Vans 

It’s important to install the van ladder parts that meet your needs. They also need to be symmetrically balanced on the roof of your van so they do not disrupt the maneuvering of your vehicle. If you’re carry more than one set of ladders, or a heavy load of cargo, installing the right ladder parts is crucial. 

Roof racks for vans are typically bolted on to the roof of your van and secured with brackets. They also come in different sizes, either as single piece or individual pieces you have to assemble yourself. 

The type of van rack you need will be determined by the size of your van and its intended purposes. Van ladder racks at Lowes, for example, are either two separate pieces you can space out yourself for more flexibility.

External ladder racks are ideal if you’re carrying ladders that are more 10 feet in length. Whereas some ladders racks need two sets laid side by side, separate bars give you the freedom to space the fittings out at appropriate distances to support your ladders.

 There are two types:

  1. Clamp Down Ladder Rack. Clamp down ladders are designed for the ladder to rest on top of the rack. These ladder parts feature front, centre and rear bars that are attached to your roof in spaces you can determine yourself. This can give you more versatility if you are carrying ladders of different sizes.
  2. Drop-Down Ladder Rack. These are ideal for tradespeople with a bad back. Fitted with a tilting pull bar, they make loading and offloading much easier. You simply slide your ladders on and off the rack. 

Interior Ladder Racks for Vans 

If your ladders can fit into the rear of your van, interior ladder racks are a good option. They are more compact and durable than exterior ladder and less expensive.

What’s more, interior ladder racks for vans help to keep your assets safer. Locked in the back of your van, they are out of sight from predatory thieves that may seize on an opportunity to harvest your ladders from the roof of your van. 

Van Ceiling Ladder Rack

If you carry a lot of cargo and struggle to find a suitable space for your ladders, a van ceiling ladder rack is the best option. These types of racks also enhance your cargo space when you include van ladder storage ideas

Interior Van Ladder Rack

Interior van ladder racks can be attached vertically to the side of your van or a shelving panel. They are most suitable for step ladders that are being stored in mid to high roof vehicles.

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