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What Jobs Can I Do With My Own Van?

21 March 2023

You’d be surprised how many jobs you can do with your own van. With the growing popularity of online shopping van drivers are in high demand. From deliveries through Amazon and Hermes, meals on wheels and house removals, jobs with own van can earn a reasonable income. 

If you’re looking to earn extra income or set up a full-time business you won’t be disappointed with the number of opportunities. And you don’t need any prior job experience. All you need is a van that can accommodate the goods you need to transport.

What Jobs Can I Do With My Own Van?

You will find loads of job opportunities to make a return on investment from your van. Check out job ads for van drivers in your local area. You can also apply directly to courier companies that are looking for drivers. 

The types of jobs available are determined by the size of your van. Make sure you know what the payload is of your van – the amount of weight you are legally allowed to carry. Although you don’t need a specific licence to ship goods, there are certain regulations you must adhere to. 

You also need to consider time scales. Most delivery services offer same-day service or 2-4 day turnarounds as appropriate. If you are only looking to earn a second income, stick to local jobs you can perform in your spare time. Set your own schedule to collect and deliver goods around your normal daily routine. 

Delivery Jobs With Own Van 

The easiest way to get jobs with own van is to sign up with courier services as a delivery driver. You can work to your own schedule and earn good money wit home courier companies. Moreover, you’re more likely to get multiple jobs on the same day which enables you to earn more money in a single run out. 

As a matter of fact, a growing number of delivery drivers are self-employed. The type of jobs you can do with your own van is limited but there are plenty of opportunities to find work with multiple companies operating nationwide. 

Working with established courier companies is a good place to start whilst you can grow a customer base of your own. Advertise in local papers, shop windows and social media. You might also want to consider investing in a website further down the line if you find you can make a living from jobs with own van.

You will also need to register your business with HMRC. Even if you are already in full-time employment and take up a second job with your van, you will need to declare your additional income with the UK tax authorities.

Other Jobs You Can Do With Your Own Van

Gardening Jobs 

Jobs with your own van are not limited to courier services. You may have a hobby such as gardening or DIY that you can expand into a living. If you have a van that can transport lawnmowers and wheelbarrows to other people’s homes why not turn your hobby into a profitable pastime? 

If you do decide to go down a professional route, you should also consider installing a van racking system. Installing shelves helps to keep your van organised and makes you more productive. 

DIY and Carpentry

Most people don’t have the time or the skill set to address home repairs and DIY projects. And with remote working taking off, people are looking for desks and shelves to be installed in their home offices. 

If you’re pretty useful around the house or a dab hand at making furniture from wood, why not utilise your skills to perform carpentry work for other people? You will need a van with a racking system for carpenters to store your equipment, but you can make a good living as a carpenter. 

Cleaning Company 

People are also too busy to clean their homes. Cleaning companies are in high demand – especially if you specialise in deep cleaning carpets and kitchens. A good place to start advertising is through estate agents and landlord forums looking for end-of-tenancy cleaning services. 

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