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How To Drive a Van Without a Rear View Mirror?

23 May 2023

Driving a van without a rear view mirror may seem challenging at first, but with the right techniques and equipment, it can be done safely and efficiently. In this regard, our team specialises in providing professional mobile workshop solutions that can help optimise your van’s interior space for improved visibility.

In this guide, we will share valuable tips on how to drive a van without a rear view mirror and enhance your overall driving experience.

How To Drive a Van Without a Rear View Mirror?

Driving a van without a rear view mirror requires a combination of advanced techniques and the right tools to ensure safety on the road. Follow these tips to navigate your van confidently:

Adjust Your Side Mirrors

Properly adjust your side mirrors to minimise blind spots. Position them in a way that allows you to see the sides of your van and a portion of the adjacent lanes. By angling the side mirrors correctly, you can expand your field of vision and compensate for the lack of a rear view mirror.

Use Wide-Angle Mirrors

Install wide-angle or convex mirrors to enhance your peripheral vision. These mirrors provide a wider viewing angle, allowing you to monitor traffic from various angles. Wide-angle mirrors are especially useful in eliminating blind spots and improving situational awareness while driving your van.

Install a Backup Camera System

Invest in a high-quality backup camera system that provides a clear view of what’s behind your van. This can compensate for the lack of a rear view mirror and help you navigate parking spaces and reverse safely. With a backup camera, you’ll have a real-time visual aid that assists you in maneuvering your van with confidence.

Use Parking Sensors

Install parking sensors on the rear of your van to assist with parking maneuvers. These sensors detect obstacles and alert you with audio or visual cues, helping you avoid collisions. By relying on parking sensors, you can gain an additional layer of safety and prevent potential accidents while parking or maneuvering in tight spaces.

Increase Awareness

Develop a habit of checking your side mirrors frequently, as well as scanning the surroundings to compensate for the absence of a rear view mirror. Since you won’t have the luxury of glancing at a rear view mirror, it becomes crucial to stay alert and rely on your side mirrors and peripheral vision.

Regularly checking your mirrors and scanning the road ahead and to the sides, will help you anticipate the actions of other drivers and maintain situational awareness.

Optimise Lighting

Ensure your van is equipped with adequate lighting, both inside and outside. Bright workshop lights from Tecnolam UK can improve visibility and make it easier to maneuver in low-light conditions. Proper lighting not only enhances your ability to see clearly, but also increases your visibility to other drivers, reducing the chances of accidents.

Explore some workshop lighting options for enhanced safety and productivity during your van journeys.

Choose the Right Van

When selecting a van for professional use, consider models with better visibility and driver assistance features. The choice of the right van can greatly impact your overall driving experience without a rear view mirror.

At Tecnolam blog we provide insights on the best van brands that offer optimal driving experiences for professionals. By choosing a van with good visibility, advanced safety features, and driver assistance systems, you can further enhance your confidence and control while driving.

Driving a van without a rear view mirror, requires careful adjustments and the right equipment. By following these tips and utilizing van racking systems, you can enhance your driving experience and improve safety on the road.

Explore our range of van racking and shelving solutions to optimise your van’s interior space for maximum efficiency and convenience. Contact Tecnolam UK for customised and personalised van racking systems that meet your specific needs.

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