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What Are The Best Security Locks For Vans?

8 February 2022

Security van locks for commercial vans are fitted as standard for around 80% of commercial vans. Deadlocks are the preferred choice of safety locks for vans designed for tradesmen and delivery services. However, deadlocks are not reducing the wave of van crime sweeping the UK.

As a matter of fact, national statistics reveal that over a third of businesses were hit with van theft in 2020. That’s a massive 81% increase since the previous report in 2016.

Fortunately, there are locks for vans that make your mobile workshop less likely to be targeted by would-be criminals. Furthermore, van insurance companies are more likely to reduce your monthly premiums and expedite payouts if you invest in effective security locks for vans.

Effective van locks built under great van racking ideas or work van shelving ideas, is also an effective way to reduce monthly insurance payments.

Security Locks For Vans Deter Thieves

Your work’s van and its content are an investment that needs protecting. Not only because of the money you have already invested (in the vehicle, tools, materials and accessories), but also the money you will make by having your van available to you.

Fortunately, there are a number of options to boost the security of your mobile workshop beyond the standard van locks fitted on new commercial vans. Upgrading the security locks on your van visibly deter thieves.

We also recommend installing van locks on shelving to provide optimal protection for your contents.

Deadlocks do have their uses. They effectively act as a double lock and are difficult to force open. However, as the police data shows, deadlocks are not helping to lower the level of van crime. 

Perhaps, the reason for that is that van theft is mostly opportunistic. Visible van locks serve as a deterrent, rather than fitting a deadlock. Slam locks also work better for couriers. 

The types of safety locks for vans we recommend are: 

  • Slam locks or deadlocks
  • Locking wheel nuts
  • Alarm 
  • Electronic GPS tracker
  • Lockable toolboxes
  • Steering lock
  • Pedal box protection
  • Catalytic convertor lock

Slam Locks For Vans

Slam locks are primarily designed for couriers, drop-off delivery drivers that are making quick darts to and from the van. However, slam safety locks for vans are also ideal for tradesmen that nip back and forth from the van (and may forget to lock it). 

The difference between a deadlock and a slam lock, is that the latter does not require a key to lock. The door locks and stays locked once you shut the door. You only need a key to open it. Therefore, a slam lock is the ideal safety lock for van owners that have a habit of forgetting to lock the door. 

What’s more, when you have a slam lock fitted, the door pops open when you turn the key from the outside. There is no need to turn the key to open the lock and pull the handle to pop the door open. One turn of the key performs the entire function for you. 

It’s clear to see why a slam lock is the best choice for couriers that want to make quick drop-offs; they make it easier to finish your rounds quicker. These security locks for vans are also more effective than the deadlocks fitted as standard on the majority of commercial vans. 

Installing effective security locks for vans, not only deters thieves but helps to lower your insurance cover. What’s more, your insurer will not deliberate when deciding whether or not to settle your claim. The sooner your payout is made, the sooner you can get back to making a living! 

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