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Van Storage Can Help You Be More Productive

4 October 2023

Our clients typically come to us because they want to know how to be more productive at work. When we look in the back of their van, it’s clear to see why they are not more productive. Their van is a mess.

You may also be wondering how to become more productive. If you’re among the hordes of tradesmen that want to increase their income, you need to learn how to be more productive.

To be productive, you need to manage your time. The more time you spend focusing on your work, the more productive you are. The more productive you are, the more you earn. 

Tradesmen that rummage around the back of their van searching for lost items are not managing their time efficiently. They waste time and lose earnings potential. 

How to be more motivated and productive?

Motivation helps to boost productivity. This is well established in the domain of psychotherapy. Motivation is linked with goal setting, changing behaviours, creativity and developing competencies. Tradesmen that are motivated to grow their business are more productive. 

The reverse is also true. The more demotivated you are, the less productive you become. If you find searching for tools and parts every time you go to the van demotivating, you will not have the motivation that helps you enjoy your work.

How to be productive?

If you’re a professional tradesman, you will be more productive if you don’t waste time searching for tools and equipment. A quick-fix solution is to install a customised storage utility.

Upfitting your work’s van with storage accessories empowers you to be more motivated and productive. With an assortment of labelled drawers, shelves, racks, cabinets and hooks, everything has its place. And you know exactly where to find the tools you need.  

How to become productive?

Customised racking gives you solutions that enable you to become more productive. For example, rather than stacking boxes, organise them on a shelf. 

If you tie equipment to the van wall with ratchet straps, you’re wasting time. It’s far quicker to open a drawer. Thanks to van ladder storage ideas , retractable ladder rack takes seconds – not minutes – to load and unload. 

Van storage also helps you to organise your inventory. Rather than storing pipes or pieces of wood in the back of your van without an organisation system, create a dedicated space. This way, you can easily see when you are running low on supplies and replenish your stock in good time. 

You will also save time – and money – by not having to replace broken tools and equipment. If loose items are rolling around, the risk of damaging equipment is higher. Installing drawers, storage bins, van drawers false floor and other storage solutions prevents breakages.

How to become more productive at work?

Researchers have also discovered that clutter increases stress and anxiety. This is why we have the expression “cluttered space, cluttered mind.” The knock-on effect of stress is a lower rate of output. 

An organised van can help you become more productive at work because it avoids you from getting stressed. Searching for lost items is more likely to stress you out. 

You don’t have to install a fully-customised storage system in the back of your van to destress. A few simple solutions will help you to become more productive at work.

For example, a shelf-storage system is easy to install and gives you more space. Because shelving can be stacked, you also use the space at the top of your van. This means you can carry more goods. 

Professionals need a versatile storage system that keeps their work van organised. If you are organised you will become more productive at work. And being more productive means you increase your earnings potential. Van storage systems pay for themselves. 

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