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Furnish your van with Tecnolam professional shelving

15 June 2021

The best shelving for a successful set-up with Tecnolam

If you are thinking of setting up your van to turn it into a beautiful mobile workshop, you are in the right place. Tecnolam is for you: furnish your van with professional shelving.

The shelves are a practical modular system, simple for both storing small tools and medium-sized material. It is an excellent system especially for ordering small work items in the best possible way, to always have them close at hand.

Tecnolam shelving and their accessories

Tecnolam shelving for vans are excellent because they are made with the best materials to avoid set-up. They are made of ultra-resistant steel sheet, 20 & 10 thick and painted with polyester powder. They are also very capacious and suitable for any professional job.

Each Tecnolam shelf is shipped with:

– Aluminum dividers

– Non-slip mat

Inside the shelves there are practical rubber mats. In addition, to prevent the loss of small parts, there are simple and valid aluminum dividers. Each shelf can hold a total weight of around 92 kg. Of course this depends on each modular block you choose and the size of your van.

If you are a plumber, an electrician, a bricklayer or whatever your profession, Tecnolam has thought of you. Choosing a van shelving is a good way to always have your workplace with you. The biggest advantage is the optimization of the space in the van compartment. In fact, thanks to Tecnolam racks, it is possible to keep the vehicle well ordered and get the most out of your vehicle.

Tecnolam produces shelving for all van brands and offers standard and 100% customizable modular systems.

100% customization of Tecnolam shelving for vans

Tecnolam cares so much about the satisfaction of its customers that for over 40 years it has been dealing with van fittings in an impeccable way. Thinking about their customers and the needs of each of them has helped designers put themselves in the workers’ shoes. In fact, the idea was to think of shelving as an added value to the van.

Precisely because they are an added value, it is possible to customize them as much as you like. The shelves have a weight bearing capacity of 30Kg. The quality / price ratio is very high precisely because Tecnolam wants to help its customers in their daily work. It is possible to choose shelving shelves with closing door to prevent any piece from falling outwards. Side opening gutters are also available.

The various modular elements of the shelving can be modified according to your working needs. It is in fact possible to choose them based on the van model. Safety is also one of the aspects that Tecnolam favors most, in fact rigorous tests and controls are performed.

The shelves with suitcase shelves are also very comfortable. The suitcases can contain any tools or instruments necessary for their work and can be made and chosen from various materials. There are also very comfortable plastic cases designed to help the worker to view everything inside.

In addition, the shelves are also a practical help, perfect to be installed at will and make the work much more fluid and practical.

Accessories that can be combined to customize the shelving

  • Metal drawers
  • Transparent drawers
  • Work benches
  • Open / closed shelves with door
  • Plastic cases in order to view everything it contains inside
  • Storage cabinets for even larger tools
  • Practical and extendable gutters

The characteristics of the shelving

  • The shelves are practical, they can be universal and standard if you choose a standard set-up which can be: BASE; COMFORT; LUXURY.
  • We also have the possibility of 100% customization
  • They are in accordance with the law and are therefore designed for the safety of the vehicle and the driver, thus avoiding unpleasant fines
  • They have a 36 month warranty
  • They are shipped in 72 hours directly to the workshop or home
  • The assembly is very simple to perform but in case of problems it is possible to request assistance from the Staff
  • The quality of the shelving is very high and for this reason sheet steel is used to make usability and experience of the highest level
  • It is possible to choose between the components that make up the shelving in order to get the most out of your set-up

Why choose to set up your van with shelving?

Order is important to make your daily work more and more professional. Therefore, the idea of ​​finding all the tools and components necessary for work permeates the importance of furnishing a mobile workshop.

Choosing a set-up with shelving allows you to replicate a mobile workshop in a smaller but tidy way. Having a mobile workshop to transport around the city allows you to carry out the work quickly and accurately without considering the need to return to the workshop.

Furthermore, choosing a van set-up allows you to keep all the material in complete safety.

What does it mean to choose Tecnolam?

  1. Having products of the highest quality
  2. 100% customizable set-ups
  3. Reliability of the brand
  4. 36 month warranty
  5. Delivery in 72 h
  6. Friendly staff who will help you in your choice
  7. Totally free quote and in 3D a perfect rendering to visualize your van set up.

To request a quote, contact us and our staff will help you choose the best for you and your van. We remind you that we have the possibility to furnish any model of van and we take care of all types of professionalism. We know how much you care about your job and our job is to help you in your typical day to improve the quality of your time.

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