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The Best Fuel-Efficient Vans Of The Year 2022

29 November 2022

Commercial vans play a central role in the profitability of a business. Investing in fuel-efficient vans are even more important right now, especially for business that owns a commercial fleet. In this regard, the surge in diesel and petrol prices shows no signs of slowing. And electric vehicles don’t appear to provide the answer.

Researchers have discovered that electric cars will cost more to run than traditional vehicles. So, unless you pass the cost of travel and transportation on to your customers, the fuel economy of your commercial van eats into your profits.

If you’re in the market for a new works van, get clued up about the best fuel-efficient vans in the UK.

The best fuel-efficient vans are not necessarily based on size. If, yes, small vans typically don’t use as much fuel over the same distance, but they don’t transport as much cargo either (which could mean making much more than one trip).

The biggest impact on fuel economy is payload as well as your driving style. If you’re not a pedal to the metal driver, use the load volume as your key indicator.

For example, in the small van range the Mercedes Citan 109CDI 95hp manual is the most fuel-efficient van in all the UK. This little run around is ideal for delivery drivers and tradesmen that don’t require many tools. With a fuel economy of 61.4 to 62.8mpg, you should expect to spend less on fuel than other commercial vans in this category. 

The Citan also offers competitive cargo space. Boasting an impressive load volume of 2.9 cubic metres (m3) and a payload of 515kg for a 2.0-tonne model and up to 661kg for the 2.2-tonne L3. 

This is more than the VW Caddy which Vanarama ranked in the top five small commercial vehicles for payload. You can always maximise the cargo space by installing a customised van racking system.

Best Fuel Efficient Vans – Mid-Range

There is a two-way tie for the best fuel-efficient vans in the UK. Both the Citreon Dispatch XS BlueHDi and the Peugeot Expert Compact BlueHDi both have a fuel economy of 55.4mpg. 

To determine which is the best option for your business, consider the payload. A heavier load capacity uses more petrol. But it really depends on the amount of cargo you need to load into the back of your van. 

Both vans come in three sizes – and also provide the same load volume. The Citreon Dispatch is available in three sizes; XS has a load volume of 4.6m3, M is 5.3m3 and XL gives you 6.1m3. The Peugeot Expert has the same measurements; Compact, 4.6m3, Standard, 5.3m3 and Long 6.1m3.

If we were to pick a winner, the best fuel-efficient van model is the Peugeot Expert which enables you to carry a 1,450kg payload at 55.4mpg. But the Citreon Dispatch middle-length M is only slightly lower with a 1,446kg payload. So there’s very little in it.

Best Fuel-Efficient Vans in the UK – Large Van

Drivers that carry large volumes and bulky equipment need commercial vans that offer maximum transportation efficiency. The Nissan NV400 ranks as the best fuel-efficient van in the large category. 

This behemoth boasts a load volume of 17m3 and delivers an impressive payload of 2254kg for an efficient fuel economy of 42.1mpg. However, there is a mileage limit of 100,000 miles which may not be attractive to drivers that cover substantial distances.

Other large panel fuel-efficient vans on UK roads are the Ford Transit and Fiat Ducato. If you want to take full advantage of the cargo space, consider installing a custom van shelving system. 

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