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Tips for Your Ford Transit Custom Roof Rack

24 January 2022

Customised storage van solutions help to make commercial work vans tidier and easy to manage. A visibly attractive work van also projects a positive professional image on ot your customers. 

The true benefits of custom roof racking, however, come when you install van racking that increases efficiency and convenience. A Ford Transit custom roof rack, for example, makes it easier to transport equipment that won’t slot comfortably in the back of your van.

Roof racks are ideal for carrying long items such as ladders, pipes, tubes, rods, timber and poles etc. They can also be used to safely strap equipment to and, what’s more, avoid the risk of heavy items rolling around in the back. 

Some commercial Ford Transit vans come with roof racks straight from the factory. Some vans you will need to install after purchase. The latter option is a better choice if you’re more likely to need a transit custom roof rack. 

Bear in mind that standard roof racks may not serve the purpose you need. For example, it’s not unheard of for items such as ladders to fall off van roofs. You, therefore, need to ensure the roof rack you install in your Ford Transit is strong enough to support the weight of the item it’s holding.

Things to Consider When Installing Transit Custom Roof Rack

The weight of the cargo you carry on a roof rack, should not exceed the maximum payload for your vehicle. It’s also important that your transit custom roof rack is able to distribute the load. There are also legal limits you are allowed to carry in the UK, so do not forget to check them. 

Safety should be a priority when installing a roof rack. If you have more weight packed on one of the edges, front or back, you risk creating a dangerous hazard. If you pile too much weight at the front you feel it when you brake. If there’s too much weight at the back and sides it can affect your steering. 

Whether you need to distribute the weight depends on the cargo, you are likely to be carrying on your roof. If you need to balance the weight, you will need a transit custom roof rack that enables you to add and remove weights as and when needed.

Providing easy access to your load is also a key factor. Whilst getting heavy items onto the roof requires strength to push them up, it can be a different proposition to get them down safely. You may want to consider installing a ladder on the side of your van and a mechanism that slides and tilts. 

Ford Transit Roof Racks

Modifying an existing Ford Transit roof rack is also possible. If the roof rack fitted to your work’s van when you purchased it is not suitable for your needs, speak to a professional that can create a transit custom roof rack for you. 

Height can play a key factor when designing a roof rack. This is particularly the case in small villages that have low-clearance bridges and tunnels. A Ford Transit custom roof rack can shave a couple of inches of height from factory-installed racks. 

If you do seek out the help of a professional van racking specialist, you should expect to get a Transit custom racking with a 3-year warranty. This is what we provide at Tecnolam. We also offer the lowest prices for high-quality designs and materials. 

Transit custom van roof racks are available in all types of lengths and, of course, can be modified to meet your unique needs. We aim to complete your order and deliver it with a few days. 

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