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The Electric Vans To Choose For Your Business

9 January 2023

UK businesses are being pressured to invest in electric vans. The political rhetoric around climate change has seen the introduction of ESG scores – prompting businesses to go green. 

Add to that the phenomenal increase in fuel prices since mid-2022. There is an argument to say that electric vans are less expensive for businesses to run. Which becomes another incentive for businesses.

However, the best electric vans still require a significant amount of capital outlay compared to traditional vans. Electric vans in the UK cost anywhere in the region of £35,000 to £70,000. Meanwhile, you can pick up a traditional commercial van that runs on petrol and diesel for under £20,000.

However, if you are considering switching to an electric van for your business, the following article should give you some pointers.  Of course, naming the best electric vans in the UK is a subjective exercise.

Our list is, therefore, compiled of cargo vans we feel offer businesses good value for money. And that shows the most promise for  installing a van racking system that optimises the van. 

Thus you will note we have strayed away from the usual suspects such as Ford, Nissan and Mercedes. 

Small Electric Vans

If you’re in the market for a small electric van in 2023, the two best choices are the BYD ETP3 or the Renault Kangoo. Whilst they both sport a reasonable amount of storage space, you can easily improve the payload by installing sophisticated van shelving ideas.

But what makes these two models stand out against their competitors is the mileage – which is typically limited in electric vehicles. The BYD ETP3 delivers 170 miles per charge and takes around 30 minutes to fully charge in a public fast charger. We feel this is a reasonable mileage capacity for an in-town runaround but will also get you further afield without worrying about finding a public charger. 

What we also like about the BYD ETP3 is the storage capacity. The cargo space gives you a decent 3.5 cubic metres which give it potential for improvement. And with a payload of 780kg, these electric vans have plenty of potential. 

The Renault Kangoo has a slightly better range on a single charge – delivering 186 miles. However, it takes 42 minutes to charge to 80%. The Kangoo also has a smaller load capacity than the BYD ETP3, providing you with a payload of 615kg. Again, room for improvement. 

Mid-Size and Large Electric vans in the UK

Moving into the mid-to-large size category, we’re impressed by the Maxus E-Deliver 9, the Toyota Proace Electric and the Renault Master E-Tech. 

The Maxus E-Deliver 9 can cover a distance of 219 miles on a single charge – which is impressive for electric vans in the UK. Although the payload is an impressive 905kg, the loading bay is smaller than most large vans. But nothing a sophisticated racking system won’t fix. 

Similarly, the Toyota Proace Electric covers a distance of just over 200 miles and has a reasonable load space which can be improved. Where the Proace excels over its competitors, however, is the 10-year warranty. This length of warranty gives business owners more peace of mind. 

Finally, the Renault Master E-Tech is reported by the manufacturer to serve up a reasonable 126 miles on a single charge. In the real world, this electric van manages about 75 miles when fully loaded. 

Having said that, the Master E-Tech can carry a significant amount of cargo. The load capacity is an impressive 13 cubic metres which give you a payload of up to 1,420kg. Despite the reasonable amount of storage space, businesses can still improve how they use the space by installing a racking system. 

What do you think are the best electric vans in the UK in 2023?

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