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Custom Work Van Shelving Solutions

28 September 2021

Tradesmen often have disorganised work vans. Yet an untidy mobile workshop impacts your efficiency, productivity and the safe-keeping of your work tools. If the back of your work van looks like its been ransacked, you should seriously consider installing custom van shelving. 

There are two types of van shelving. Modular shelving is flexible and less expensive but units come in pre-packed sizes so gives you fewer options. Modular solutions don’t always make the best use of your space.

Custom work van shelving, on the other hand, enables you to maximise your workspace. A tailor-made storage facility in your work van gives you countless opportunities to custom-design your mobile workstation exactly how you need it. 

Benefits of a Custom Van Shelving

Custom van shelving offers key benefits that will make your job less frustrating and more rewarding. Some of the key advantages include:

Improve Time Efficiency

Do you often find yourself rooting around in the back of your van looking for tools and equipment? Imagine how much time you waste each day hunting for bits and bobs that aren’t where you left them.

Customised van shelving eliminates time-wasting. Everything has its place. Your tools and parts have a dedicated space so you know exactly where to find them. Nipping out to the van takes 30 seconds, not 30 minutes. 

What’s more, you can label shelving, boxes, compartments and drawers. That way, if you have an apprentice, they will be able to find what they’re looking for a lot quicker!

Optimise Productivity 

By saving time, you also increase productivity. By simply organising your storage facility, you spend more time working on the job rather than looking for tools to do the job. 

As a result, you finish jobs sooner. This either means you can knock off earlier than usual and spend more time with your family and friends. Or you have time to squeeze another job or two in each week and increase your income. Either way, customised work van shelving is a smart investment. 

Improved Safety and Security

An untidy van can also be a safety hazard. Tools with sharp edges cut and bruise easily. And if you seriously damage your finger, it not only hurts you physically. Injuries cause damage to your income as well. 

With the right type of storage units and locks, you can also keep your tools secure. You can build custom work van shelving that prevents your tools from rolling around and causing damage. Or you can create compartments fitted with anti-theft locks. 

Ford Transit Custom Van Shelving Recommendations

Ford Transit vans are built with the comfort of drivers in mind. They also have plenty of cargo space. However, investing in a van doesn’t mean you automatically have a fully functioning mobile workstation. 

The Ford Transit van has so much potential for customisation. Our custom van shelving ideas include utilising the sides, the interior ceiling the roof and the back door. You can even install a van false floor with drawers or open-space storage for larger items. 

The benefit of installing transit custom van shelving over modular shelving is to maximise space. Whilst you can fit modular shelving on both sides of the van, custom van shelving is made to measure. This means you can be more versatile with your storage solutions. 

For example, with custom van shelving there’s space for a variety of racking components. This can include varying sizes; height, width and number of drawers or shelves. You also have the option to build a forward-tilting base frame over the wheel arch. This creates storage space that would otherwise go unused. 

Custom Work Van Shelving

Our Ford Transit custom van shelving also includes innovative storage solutions such as corner panels, rotational hinge systems, internal shelves, racks, hooks, organisers and hidden drawers. 

We also recommend installing custom van shelving solutions with a safe case storage system. Safety options include automatic locking shuttles which are easy to use and snap shut quickly. Install custom van shelving in the rear of your mobile workshop and you’ll wonder how you managed without them. Perhaps you’re not coping too well without proper shelving? 

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