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Benefits of Express Shelving For The Parcel Delivery Sector

14 December 2022

Delivering packages safely and efficiently should be the priority for every delivery driver. But courier services also need to consider the running costs of delivering parcels and packages. 

Making a courier service profitable relies on the logistical challenge of delivering as many parcels in the least number of runs. The best way to increase the profitability of your business is to refit the back of your van. 

Installing an ergonomic and lightweight van racking system improves the functionality of your delivery van. It’s a cost-friendly and eco-friendly solution to maximise the space so you can deliver more packages in a single run. 

A well-designed shelving system keeps packages organised and safe. To reduce the risk of damage, you can build in protected shelves, straps to hold down your cargo and even dedicated drawers.  

The type of racking system that works for you largely depends on the model and size of your work vehicle. But in every case, an innovative shelving design maximises the back of your van by utilising space that is otherwise ‘dead space.

Types of Express Shelving Solutions for Couriers

Express shelving maximises the space of your delivery van, and can also be customised to help your drivers work more efficiently. The two types of express shelving are fold-away shelving and slide-out rail shelving systems. 

Fold-away shelving is an ideal solution for storing bulkier items because they have greater depth. The shelves can also be designed with high sides and raised edges to keep cargo secure. Once the parcels have been delivered, the shelves can be folded away to provide drivers with easier access to other shelves. 

Manufactured from aluminium or composite steel, fold-away shelves are lightweight and strong. They can hold up to 120 kg on a shelf. We estimate that folding shelves increase the efficiency of a delivery business by up to 50% because you don’t have to store bulky items in places where that hinder accessibility. 

Slide-out rail shelving systems work in a similar way to fold-away shelving but are used to store smaller, lightweight boxes. They are typically installed in the higher regions of the van and closer to the bulkhead. 

Sliding shelves are extendable so can be adjusted to store larger boxes – or several smaller parcels on the same shelf. But because they are easy to pack away when they’re not in use, drivers have more accessibility and functionality in the rear of the van. 

Why Install Express Shelving?

Express shelving is the latest in design ergonomics that enable businesses to maximise the van shelving solutions of their work van. The ultra-lightweight folding shelves increase your load capacity without taking up more space than other racking systems. 

Non-intrusive shelving gives drivers more room for manoeuvre when loading and offloading cargo. Large van models also give you the option to install a lightweight bulkhead with a sliding door so you can access the cargo area directly from the driver’s cabin. 

Another option for couriers that typically deliver heavy, bulky items is to install a false floor with pull-out drawers together with a loading ramp. False floors provide space to stow heavier items in the lower belly of the van where loading and offloading are easier. 

Express shelving is arguably the best storage solution available to couriers. The advanced racking system enables delivery services to be more efficient by giving you the space to carry more cargo in the least number of runs. The lightweight material does add much weight to your van and can improve your payload.

If you’re looking to improve the profitability of your courier business, optimising the space in the back of your van is the most cost-effective solution. If you want to know how Tecnolam can make your drivers more efficient, give us a call and speak with one of our experts. 

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