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A customized van racking for every work profession

10 May 2021

Well yes! Finally, you will be able to take advantage of new technologies and innovation to maximize your job opportunities. In fact, thanks to the rackings for modular vans, you can add value to your professionalism.

Van racking system for every profession?

Yes, because we know what the daily work needs of each professional are. Whether you are a craftsman, a plumber, a bricklayer, an installation engineer, a mechanic, an assembly worker, a maintenance technician, an electrician, you know that your van is essential in everyday working life.
We have been dealing with equipment for vans for over 40 years, so we are right for you. We offer you our racking with professionalism and dedication, we not only sell a product but a solid foundation for your business. We help you to realize your dream, to transform your van into a practical mobile workshop.
You will find specific information for each profession and many set-up ideas with tailor-made products for all business needs. There is no standardized furniture for every van, every worker needs something unique to do their job at best. Unlike other companies, Tecnolam has a very varied catalog of products, and it is precisely for this reason that it manages to make a difference!

Do you need standard racking for a commercial fleet?

No problem! We are right for you this time too, in fact with the standard line of equipment, we have created three models and three price ranges.
BASIC: for those who need to set up their van, but have no particular needs and need valid products of the highest quality;
COMFORT: for those who need to have high quality products with practical shelving and removable drawers;
LUXURY: the best that a standard set-up can offer you.

It is possible to choose a 100% customized set-up based on business needs. Setting up a commercial fleet has never been easier. The staff is available to help you choose the best racking based on daily and work needs.

Customizable equipment for every profession and every brand of van

Furnishing a van internally means spending hours of time for a design especially when choosing the “do it yourself”.
The modular system designed by Tecnolam is perfect and infallible because it is based on the safety of people and tools, but not only is it adaptable to all work needs.
The modular system that we offer is designed to set up vans of all brands and is modular. The components are in fact available in different sizes and therefore give a greater possibility of choice.
Once purchased, your customized set-up can be disassembled and adapted to another van, depending on your needs.

Turning a van into a mobile workshop for every profession

For over 40 years Tecnolam has been involved in equipping vans so that they become a mobile workshop.
Racking a van and turning it into a mobile workshop is simple with the right directions.
In fact, an excellent result can be obtained thanks to: customized shelving, shelves, suitcases and containers also in plastic, spaces and shelves, a practical shelf.
Obtaining a mobile workshop set-up also means working in total safety. Tecnolam in fact has all the necessary certifications to guarantee safety.
Indeed Tecnolam, thanks to the high quality material, solidly fixed, is able to guarantee maximum safety.
All components and products, but above all the shelving, are certified and in accordance with the law.
The range of accessories that Tecnolam has designed for setting up the mobile workshop is also very wide for all professionals.

What are the benefits of buying and assembling a rack based on the characteristics of your work?

The benefits are numerous and each of them is a valid reason for purchasing a Tecnolam set-up.
Let’s find out together in a practical summary:

  • Reliability: Tecnolam is a highly professional and serious company, present on Italian territory for over 40 years.
  • The materials are of the highest quality and each product is guaranteed for 36 months of warranty.
  • Order and cleanliness of the van compartment.
  • Assembly is simple and the set-up is shipped to the workshop, company and to individuals in 10/15 days.
  • It is possible to choose a standard set-up: BASE; COMFORT; LUXURY.
  • You can choose 100% customized equipment based on your professionalism.
  • It is possible to request shelving with every comfort and you can also arrange the van compartment according to the characteristics of your company.
  • Getting a mobile workshop is easy with the advice of the Tecnolam Staff.
  • The advantage of choosing a Tecnolam set-up is to have a product suited to your professionalism based on your business and personal needs.
  • You can also furnish the roof of the van with a practical all-door, easy to assemble.

Quality and safety in customized van racking for each profession

Quality is important to us at Tecnolam. We listen to feedback from our customers and our shelving systems are regularly tested and improved. We use state-of-the-art simulation techniques and ship critical parts of our crash test product range.

Security is the most important thing. Securing all materials and tools safely in your van protects not only you but others as well as you drive your vehicle.

Requesting a free 3D quote is simple, just contact us and you will get all the information you need to have a set up for your professionalism.

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